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30 July 2011 @ 11:36 pm
IBG Event  

Credit: IBG & Eleanore Studer.


7:20PM: Philes have started gathering and lining up. Event is completely sold out.

7:25PM: Meet and Greet winners are being escorted to their meetings. Vidder Lyle is present.

7:36PM: Philes waiting impatiently. Check Twitter for pics from the set.

7:45PM: 15 minutes to go and philes are excitedly talking, some are meeting for the first time.

7:54PM: General announcements from IBG.

8:08PM: First official pic from IBG.

8:10PM: Starting a little late but IBG has announced they have raised over $30,000!

8:13PM: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have taken the stage!

8:15PM: David and Gillian aren't sure who should start asking questions. David says Gillian never remembers episodes. She answers back: "I don't remember yesterday". Gillian thinks Mulder is a cool guy. David never wondered what it was like to play Scully. Gillian has printed a list of questions for David. David wants Scully's clothes after season 3. Gillian says it wasn't her butt in the pilot. David says he is positive it was Arlene's butt.

8:20PM: David says he wants to keep doing X-Files until he's in a wheelchair. Gillian asked David if XF3 script is being written. David says ask Chris Carter. His first answer was yes.

8:25PM: David says he used to think of Mulder a lot, but not as much any more while playing Hank. David gets recognized as Hank and Mulder equally, but also "that X-Files guy", and Scully. Gillian doesn't remember "Monday", but David says that during that episode a homeless guy started walking with him and called him "Robert Duchovny". David says that he has no input on where Hank goes as a character. DD wants to know what input GA has on Hank. David says that kissing for the first time as characters was awkward. And that he's beyond embarrassment playing Hank. Gillian asks David his most embarrassing moment on Californication.

8:31PM: Working with Robin Williams, DD says that Robin always wanted to do more takes, even when the scene was finished. He also loved to act. David says that he likes acting more than he doesn't, but Gillian says that it takes her a lot of effort sometimes. David says that gratitude is a good life lesson. Gillian's is slowing down. She says that she still hasn't learned to slow down and is always searching for ways to do that in "the game of life". Gillian tries to explain losing brain cells giving birth, David says to the crowd: "she only PLAYED a doctor!" David says that he doesn't do a lot of yoga anymore, but does meditate a lot more. Gillian meditates sometimes, and she's "better for it" when she does, but then she forgets to do it. David says: "Well that implies that you think with you vagina." He also says that she only played a doctor when she mentioned proteins.

8:37PM: David would like to learn a lot before he dies, he'd like to do more surfing. Chris learned to play piano and fly helicopters after TXF according to DD and GA. David is working on a few independent scripts. An audience member answered yes for Gillian when she was asked about losing a script to fire. Gillian lost her computer and a screenplay on it. She restarted and sometimes works on it. Gillian would have liked to be on Johnny Carson. David raced a senior citizen's scooter and beat Jeff Gordon. David doesn't know about cars, but Gillian likes them. One of Gillian's favorite lines is about her little feet and the pedals.

8:44PM: David says that being in The Break of Noon was nerve wracking. GA says that she has a little more theater experience, but not a lot. David enjoyed being in his play and would do another one. He might like to try a lighter comedy or a more dramatic one. Gillian doesn't remember reading through the pilot with David, neither does David. Chris did the other characters. Gillian says to David: "You think you're funnier than me." David threw rice at her and she thought they were maggots. David says Gillian was adorable in the pilot rain scene.

8:51PM: One of GA's 5 memories from the Vancouver years: a person playing a cadaver covered in maggots. Top 5 cont: the Pilot in the graveyard in the rain. David thinks her resolve in that scene was impressive. DD was also impressed that GA "ate" a cricket. Top 5 cont: the Pilot in the hotel, the bed scene. David says that they're both better actors now. David and Gillian say that they were both enthusiastic in the pilot.

8:53PM: Talking about the bee scene in FTF. Chris Carter on sidelines screaming bee when it was time to get stung. David and Gillian laughed a lot during the bee scene in FTF. Gillian says that her first authority scene, watching it now makes her "want to puke".

Chris Carter in the house!

8:56PM: Gillian wants to know why she's never been offered a guest role in Californication. She says she'd do for free. DD says it won't work.

8:58PM: Q&A Session begins! David loves the character of Miss Haversham, and Gillian just finished the role for the BBC. Californication spoiler: Season 5 of Californication will jump 2.5 years in the future. Gillian says that she hasn't traveled a lot for work, but would love to visit Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. David says that if he had to live the rest of life as one character, it would be Mulder. Gillian says that memorizing Scully's scientific monologues was really hard. David was just talking to Chris the other day about an X-Files episode, Terma. David was burned in the episode Fire. David says that filming Terma, his dad watched him in a physically difficult scene, and said, "This is not a good job." Gillian and David said that Dod Kalm was hard because of the makeup. Chris says that the Skyland Mountain scene and burning David in Fire were both really hard scenes. Chris says that the mythology started telling itself, but that he won't tell us the one thing he would do differently. Gillian's pregnancy kickstarted the mythology with a greater direction. Chris wants DD and GA to play Ricky and Lucy.

9:16PM: Gillian remembers David's red speedo. Chris joked that he would work for free to work with Paris Hilton. GA said seriously Meryl Streep. Chris doesn't remember the alternate ending of season 7. But he thinks the show ended when it needed to be ended. GA said that she'd be jealous if another actor played Scully in a reboot, and that she might (jokingly) have to kill them. Chris says he thinks it would be hard to reboot the series. GA and Chris say that the alternate FTF bee scene wasn't planned, just goofing around.

9:26PM: Question: is there an XF3 movie in the works. Chris says it's in discussion. Gillian asking what else we can do. Chris says it's getting there about XF3. Chris is blown away that after 10 years 200 people are in this room. Chris says 'Don't Give Up'. A fan asks why Chris gave away William. William coming back in XF3 has been discussed. Chris says XF3 would be a mythology movie. He says December 21st 2012 sounds like a good release date. If Gillian could go back in time and give herself advice she would tell herself not to worry so much. Gillian on X-Files porn movies, "I have to get some of that!" Gillian, "Let's do the porn version of XF3!" Q&A portion over. Autograph session starts soon.

Thanks to X-Files News.
Meg: X-Files - Mulder Scully splitscreenomg_wtf_yeah on July 31st, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
This is so incredibly awesome. Thank you for transcribing this! :D
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Megomg_wtf_yeah on July 31st, 2011 06:04 am (UTC)
It would totally work - totally agreed. Why has this not happened??